The American Association of University Women  – AAUW – advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. Why So Few -WSF is an action research group to go beyond the Expanding Your Horizons Conference – EYH – and break the barrier for girls entry into STEM connected careers. This forum is for those concerned about education, and who just want to talk and think together.  Interested members will learn how to create a blog to record ideas.   The focus ideas from the first meeting produced our helping hand.

Our goal is to read the AAUW Book, “Why So Few” and imagine what we can do to implement solutions in the Houston area. We would like to support the participants in the Expanding Your Horizons Conference to continue learning beyond this powerful day of STEM hands-on presentations. The book and other details are located at www.aauw.org/learn/research/whysofew.cfm.

We will meet once a month F2F on the 4th Monday each month at 7:00 or members can participate in the virtual world.   Please see the AAUW – West Harris County Website for more details. To contact a committee member, please see the AAUW directory.


  • Arlene B. – Social Work * U. of T., U. of H.
  • Betsy D. – Health & Safety Mgmt * Tulane, Arkansas State
  • Carolyn M. – Education * Emporia State
  • Diana G – Education * U. of H., Ohio U..
  • Diane S. – Finance * U. of H.
  • Ellie M. – Education * U. of T., U. of H.
  • Karen N. – Education * U. of T., U. of H.
  • Lynn H.- Nursing * U. of T., Texas Women’s
  • Margaret C. – Math, Vanderbilt
  • Margaret P. – English * Ohio State
  • Pamela O. – Education *
  • Pat F. – Library Science * Sam Houston, U. of H.
  • Pat P. – Science * U. of Toledo
  • Rose E. – Education * U. of H.
  • Roslyn M. – U. of Arizona
  • Susan B. – Education * U. of T.

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  1. Thanks and New Resource for your “About” Page

    Hi there,

    I came across your About page (http://aauwwsf.edublogs.org/about/) today while searching for career resources for minorities. There’s a lot of great content on there – thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    While checking out some of the links, I noticed that one of them was broken: http://aauw-tx.aauw.net/branches/westharriscounty/index.html. Thought you might want to take it down!

    Also, I wanted to pass along another useful resource guide on the same topic: “Career Resources for Minority Groups” (http://www.jobhero.com/minority-career-guide/). I thought your visitors would find it to be a valuable addition to your page.

    Let me know what you think – have a great day!

    Thanks again,

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